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Internet and Website Marketing affects your business success

posted by Trio Web Design    |   February 15, 2012 11:01

As more businesses begin to realize the importance of having a website, and not just a basic website - I mean a website that is powered by an Internet Marketing strategy designed to increase their Online Presence, the Internet real estate will become more competitive and the margin of quality results will require more work to maintain. 

Since starting Trio Web Design in Saskatoon, our main drivers have been to educate and implement foundational Internet Marketing practices through the development of our custom designed websites.  At our inception, the term Online Presence was a foriegn term for many businesses, but today the majority of business owners are feeling the "heat" of either their lack of..or...their ineffective Internet Marketing Strategies (Online Presence). 


With this ever growing rush to the Internet and maddash for priority in organic search results, one major "reality" has been forgotten and that is - sustainable, effective, and measurable success takes time, effort, and money.

Business owners that desire to obtain a high priority in organic search results need to have a "full-buy-in" mentality when it comes to developing and maintaining their Online Presence.  Unfortunately, the Internet isn't a win-win environment.  It is no longer as easy as simply putting up a basic website and magically your website has the best priority in the local organic search results.  


Search Engines are continually sifting through websites to determine their relevance and monitor the consistency of new content rich updates. 

I came across a great article this morning titled: 4 Major Internet Marketing Game Changers for 2012 by Steve Toth, from Techwyse Internet Marketing Toronto, see below.  The article highlights some of the important Internet success factors behind developing an Online Presence.  

Internet and Website Marketing are two areas that cannot be overlooked when deciding whether or not a website should be created for your business, or whether or not your current website needs a redesign.  If you are considering either option contact us and we would be happy to help you develop an Online Presence that will grow as your business continues to grow. 

Enjoy the article!


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The 2012 IM trends landscape continues to look increasingly competitive. We’re no longer in the age of a few early adopters monopolizing the first page of Google. Now every, dentist, auto mechanic, flower shop etc. is online; not only online, but actively investing internet marketing dollars in the areas of PPC (search and display), SEO and social media. As more players enter the game, the bidding war for ad space heightens. 2012 will see increased barriers to entry to those who are late to the game.

Social is the New Word of Mouth

Facebook’s “talking about this” metric is a nod to what social media really is: a massive network for word of mouth recommendations. You don’t have to share your status to let others know what you’re doing anymore. Facebook is moving in the direction of publishing more than just your like and comment activity. By installing apps like the Washington Post Social Reader, your friends can now see that you’ve read an article, not simply that you’ve liked, shared or commented on it.

The Fracturing of Search Results

Search results are now highly geared towards a user’s location and social network. Browsing habits still play a major factor. All of this leads to fractured search results, where some sites may rank, while others don’t depending on who the searcher is.

Other key shifts will include:

  • The inclusion of socially relevant posts
  • The rise of PPC as the core strategy for online marketing
  • New challenges for SEO
  • Fresh Content will become ever more important, if you don’t have a blog, get on it. 
  • Local search and reviews, Google Places and Yelp will continue to influence buying decisions.
  • Mobile search will be influenced by location, companies with mobile websites will see better conversions from organic and paid traffic.


Google Quality Continues to Get Better

  • The quality of referring links will need to be high. Google will not give credence to poor quality backlinks, link farms and link wheels are a thing of the past. Quality will outweigh quantity.
  • Search results will contain high quality, fresh content that’s been shared.
  • Sites with great user experiences may rank higher, Google can analyze this if the site has Google Analytics installed.
  • Websites with high CTRs, low bounce rates and original content will have an edge
  • An integrated strategy will be needed in order to rank organically – UI, Social, PPC, SEO, Content Strategy.


Referring Sites Will Continue to Proliferate

  • Sites like portals, destination guides and niche resources will be a valuable source of traffic. Don’t be surprised if these sites pop up overnight, as social media is now a primary springboard for many start-up sites looking for traffic.
  • Referring sites are growing more quickly than your competitors, actively research them and get linked to.
  • Consumers will continue to research in more places, and these sites will increase in importance as they provide links, rank for related terms and influence buying decisions.
  • Search engines will continue to reward sites that are present on highly trafficked, socially connected sites.

That’s a wrap! Authentic, original content, is key to your online marketing success in 2012 and moving forward. Produce original content and spread it through social networks. Google’s algorithm will reward you for hard work e.g. consistent content creation, social updates, networking with referring sites and building organic links. Sprinkle in a little PPC and you’ve got a recipe for success!



Internet Marketing: 3 Tips for Running a Successful Coupon Promotion Online

posted by Trio Web Design    |   August 3, 2011 10:26

As I was reading through my morning web design news, I came across a great article called 3 Tips for Running a Successful Daily Deal Promotion Online. John Amato, CEO of MarketSharing, shares the top 3 areas that businesses should carefully consider before launching the online coupon campaign. 

Have you ever considered doing an online coupon campaign with websites like Groupon Saskatoon ? If you have or are considering it - be sure to read this article - it might just assist you in executing the online promotion successfully!


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John Amato is the CEO of MarketSharing, a premium business-to-business deals provider for exceptional business products and services. Follow @MarketSharing on Twitter for more information and the latest deals for businesses.

Recently, I stated my thoughts on why daily deal sites are here to stay, and it lead me to start thinking about the daily deal space a bit more.

We’ve all heard horror stories surrounding daily deals. A local café business goes belly up; a large restaurant becomes inundated with coupon hunters, thereby losing its regular customers. In this economic climate, such losses are not to be downplayed. However, do these stories mean that all daily deals are bad for business?

Quite simply, the answer is no, they aren’t.

As with any decision, a small business owner needs to take daily deals seriously and plan for successful execution. Just because a daily deal doesn’t require up front capital doesn’t mean it shouldn’t involve an investment of time and energy. Effective daily deals are built upon detailed planning and analysis. And when these crucial steps are carried out correctly, the effort will reap rewards.

When business owners are delving into these marketing campaigns, they should learn from three of the most common flaws of failed daily deals.

1. Know Your Margins

Daily deals discount a product or service, which can result in a serious financial plus or minus for a business. When reducing the price of a revenue generator, business owners need to know what goes into the cost of making their product and their margins. Knowing the margins will help daily dealers set their discounted price.

With the standard daily deal discount being 50%, and an additional 50% commission going to the deal site, the costs should be 25% or less of the retail price in order to break even. Granted, this equation changes based on the specifics negotiated with a deal provider. It serves more as a backbone equation to show that margins play a critical role in turning a positive promotion.

Business owners should keep in mind that by “only” breaking even, they have nonetheless used the daily deal platform to generate new customers at no cost.

2. Prepare for the Surge of Deal Seekers

One common daily deal issue involves hordes of new customers flooding one location all at once. If not managed and anticipated correctly, this rush places a tremendous stress on a business, its staff and its customers ⎯ both new and old alike.

In order to avoid this situation, the merchant should determine how much volume their business can handle with the daily deal promotion, and then cap the discounted units sold at that specific number. Ideally, the daily operations will not be disrupted. Furthermore, such analysis will work as a pseudo insurance plan if a merchant incorrectly crunches the margin numbers.

Additionally, new customer calamity can be avoided if merchants ask their deal provider for references from other local shops that ran similar deals. That way they’ll better understand the anticipated customer volume.

According to research conducted by deals site Yipit, businesses can expect approximately 25% of vouchers to be redeemed in both the first and last months of the campaign. Much like our margin equation, this data should help businesses prepare for the deal deluge. As such, business owners should make sure that staff is trained how to process the deal’s coupons, and that the facility can handle the surge of new customers.

3. Get Your Employees Onboard

It would seem that a business has the green light once it calculates margins and determines capacity. However, there’s still more to be done to drive success. Now each business owner should encourage their employees to help convert daily dealers from bargain hunters to repeat customers.

As Uptal Dholakia’s Groupon study states, the key factor in a successful campaign is employees. Workers should be educated on the intricacies and background of the deal so that the entire team knows how to achieve the desired goal.

For example, if a restaurant were to run a daily deal on a new dish, as opposed to the most popular one, the owner should tell the staff that they are doing so to highlight a new direction or strength, and that they should emphasize its selling points to new customers.

Most importantly, merchants and employees should be prepared for the increase in foot traffic, and thus, be ready to represent their company with a positive attitude. If new customers encounter a negative environment, they will ultimately connect that mood with the business, and probably decide to take the deal and run.

If merchants do their margin homework, prepare for the onslaught of new customers, and ensure that new customers encounter a positive experience, they will have created a solid backbone to generate repeat customers and avoid a daily deal disaster.

News Flash: New Website Design Product - Trio Blueprints Saskatoon

posted by Trio Web Design    |   June 27, 2011 16:56


We have a new website design product - Trio Blueprints. Be sure to browse through our Trio Blueprint Website Designs

Start-up costs - $995.50 (this includes taxes)


Trio Blueprints are custom designed websites - built on the Trio Foundation

Blueprints are customized to your specific look and feel by:

  • modifying colour schemes
  • using different font styles that complement your logo
  • creating high impact graphic banners that showcase your products and services
  • using your own content and images
  • adding-on optional features to the design - blog page, online payments, video page
  • upgrading standard features like image galleries, banners, and forms

For businesses in need of a smaller 5 page website, we are excited to offer you this new website product line with access to our website support services at a very affordable cost and quick turn around time.

If you would like more information about Trio Blueprints please contact Allison directly at 716-0680 or fill out our online contact form for Trio Blueprints


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